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Because Georgia Lending does business in Athens, we know, first-hand, of the rapidly appreciating Athens home values that present special opportunities and challenges for consumers in this dynamic Athens metropolitan and surrounding suburban area. With hundreds of unique home loan programs. . .Georgia Lending provides personalized service and know how to customize each Athens mortgage loan so it is exactly right for each client in Athens and throughout all of Georgia.

Come see us at Georgia Lending for:

· Athens Debt Consolidation

· Athens Mortgage Refinance

· Athens Home Equity Loans

· Athens Home Improvement Loans

· Adjustable Rates

· Fixed Rates

· Interest Only

· Home Purchase Loans

· No-Income/Stated Programs

· Athens Investment Loans

Georgia Lending Partners does not do any mortgages, but refers your information to various mortgage companies throughout the state.

If you’re planning to buy your Athens dream home, your first home, a condo, vacation home, or investment property, Georgia Lending has flexible guidelines. This is especially important for Athens refinance solutions and for all other surrounding suburban areas. We make it fast and easy for all kinds of people-including first-time homebuyers, self-employed folks, small business owners, and homebuyers with perfect or less-than-perfect credit. We’ll get you the loan you need for the Athens home you want.

We are specialists in debt consolidation home loans for Athens and Georgia clients. If you’re a homeowner in the area with less-than-perfect credit, Georgia Lending can help you get back in control of your finances. . .and get your peace of mind back. Problem credit is no problem for us.

At Georgia Lending, you’re guaranteed to save hundreds of dollars every month when you roll all those high-interest credit cards and other costly debts into a new low-interest debt consolidation home loan, with one convenient, low monthly payment. You can get those worrisome bill collectors off your back, get the cash you need. . .and learn first-hand that we mean when we say; at Georgia Lending, the future belongs to you.

With rapidly appreciating Athens home values, an interest-only loan from Georgia Lending can help you get much more home for your money. We offer a wide selection of all kinds of home loan programs to help you get the home you want.

As an Athens homeowner you can also unlock the money in the equity that’s building up in your home with a home equity line of credit from Georgia Lending. Home improvements, educational expenses, unexpected bills, a special vacation, paying off bills, cash for family members, having the ability to pay cash for an auto or other big ticket items (instead of financing your purchase at high interest rates). . . whatever. . .with a Georgia Lending line of credit you have the ability to get the cash you want whenever you want it. (And it’s usually tax-deductible.)

We’re here for you. . .across town. . .or across the entire state of Georgia. The key to Georgia Lending’s growth is outstanding, award-winning customer service. We make the process fast and easy. . .so you can start saving money and reaching your financial goals right away.

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