Finding That Last $1000 for a Down Payment

For first-time and even experienced homebuyers, this is a time of great opportunity. Homes may not be this affordable in a few years (if not a few months), and the same can be said for mortgages. But sometimes you need to scrape together a down payment from a variety of sources in order to jump on a deal that is just right for you.

Where do you find that cash? You probably have choices. Here are some of them:

• Family – No one really wants to go to a relative for money, but that’s the way it’s been done for centuries. There are two problems, however. One is there may not be a parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle who has the cash to spare right now. The other is the pressure it places on your relationships. Can you pay them back on a schedule that fits their needs?

• Car title – These aren’t even legal in many places, for good reason. If you lose your car in a title loan, you might have a hard time getting to your job. But if your car is paid for and you hold that title, you can use it for collateral.

• Cut back expenses – Sounds good in theory, and it works just fine when you have time on your side. But a purchase as important as a house or condo will not wait.

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